Big Good: Philanthropy in the Age of Big Data and Cognitive Computing

While the debate rages over whether Big Data and Cognitive Computing are going to save or destroy our way of life, or even perhaps life itself, most non-governmental organizations are on the sidelines waiting to see who wins. In the meantime, we have never been faced with more urgent, and complex, problems needing solutions now. From climate change to homelessness to helping students turn into successful alums, the answers are not going to be found on traditional business intelligence dashboards or by using old-school analytics based on incomplete data.

Big Good – Philanthropy in the Age of Big Data & Cognitive Computing is written for the people who need actionable insights to help them meet the challenges of their organization’s mission. For a generation, David Lawson has been on the leading edge of turning technology and data into invaluable tools for NGO’s. David’s goal with this book is to help NGO leaders, staff, and supporters understand what makes Big Data and Cognitive Computing different, and how it can be applied to their important work. This is not a “how-to” but rather a “why-do” book, designed to spark your imagination and get you excited about embracing the most transformational technology yet created.

If you have been looking for a way to see beyond the hype to understand how this technology can be used in your organization, this book is for you. Here are just a few of the topics covered:

Making the science of Cognitive Computing understandable to non-data scientists.

Using cognitive computing to bring your Mission Impact alive for supporters.

How to get your Data Science done for low or no cost.

Why leadership needs a Cognitive View of their organization.

Calculating your Return on Insight.

Cognitive Analytics – Getting beyond simplistic dashboards, KPI’s and traditional analytics.

Moving your data out of the warehouse and into an Insight Reservoir.

How the funding community can use Cognitive Grantmaking to exponentially increase their impact.

What it was like Meeting Watson, and how to make your relationship with him and his cognitive cousins work for you.

The difference between Artificial and Augmented Intelligence.

The rise of the Chief Insight Officer.

Learning to work with Cognitive Colleagues.

Why Data Governance is the foundation of successful cognitive projects.

Where you can take the Future for a Spin for free.

Using Journey Maps to discover how your constituents are interacting with your organization across all channels.

Multi-dimensional segmentation using Cluster Analytics.

What a Cognitive Organization is, and what it will mean to you.

Big Good: Philanthropy in the Age of Big Data & Cognitive Computing is available in paperback and for Kindle. You can preview it Here

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