By combining a state-of-the-art cognitive computing platform with deep sector expertise, natural language processing, and machine learning, NewSci is able to unlock actionable insights from all of your structured and unstructured data.

The NewSci Insight Reservoir, unlike a traditional data lake, catalogs all of your data as it is ingested. This prevents data lakes from becoming data swamps. Your data is cleansed, enriched, normalized, and transformed using a built-in recommendation engine in real-time. Data control, including masking, empowers GDPR-level data governance.

NewSci Natural Language Processing unlocks the 80%+ of data hidden in documents, social media, audio, video and other unstructured data sources. NewSci creates an ontology configured for your domain and your unique characteristics including location.

The NewSci Insight Reservoir has machine learning, deep learning, and  NewSci Natural Language Processing fully integrated. We know governance and insight are what you need, not another place to put data, and our platform has been designed to deliver real return on your investment.

NewSci serves the education, nonprofit, healthcare, and public sectors. Our mission is to help organization’s do good with great technology. Schedule a call to discuss your needs, and learn how NewSci can help your organization harness the potential of cognitive computing and Big Data.