Big Data Solution for Nonprofit Organizations

By combining a proven Big Data platform with deep sector expertise, NewSci can digitize silos and unlock the cross-organizational intelligence needed to take the critical knowledge-driven actions required in today’s marketplace.

NewSci starts by identifying where data is currently housed. The data sources are then reviewed to identify duplication, interactions and intersections in order to find the points of intelligence.

Next, NewSci configures the platform for delivering the organizational intelligence to end-users. This includes data visualization, reports and profiles. NewSci then connects social media to the organization through the use of filters designed to glean the signals hidden in the noise.

Finally, NewSci provides the training and expertise necessary to realize the full potential of having a cross-organizational view of your organization’s data.


Big data is any type of structured or unstructured data such as text, audio, video, click streams, log files, social media and more. Being able to analyze multiple types of data creates new insights into your organization

  • Monitor social media for sentiment, keywords, and phrases. Connect the intelligence you glean to your internal databases to see what your best donors, members, students etc. are saying and thinking about you.
  • Exploit the treasure trove of information locked inside video, notes fields, documents and other unstructured data to dramatically expand your knowledge of your constituency.


Organizations are awash with ever-growing data of all types, easily amassing terabytes—even petabytes—of information.

  • Unstructured data such as fundraising call reports; survey verbatims; impact reports; and the vast amounts of social media are just a few examples.
  • Turn 12 terabytes of Tweets created each day into improved product sentiment analysis


Your organization works in real-time and big data can be used to monitor all of your information streams whether they are internal or external

  • Monitor the activities of your constituents across all of your organizational silos to ensure critical connections are made in time to act on them.
  • Constantly analyze your internal and external data to create real-time knowledge based on the very latest information